Who are you ? Where do you shoot ?

I am Andoz Krishnadas an Indian born Photographer and Architect based out of Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen-Germany.

I can often be found making images or cycling around Frankfurt. However since that illusive "next great image" can happen anywhere no destination is too far nor too daunting for me with a little planning.

How long have you been doing Photography ? What's your experience? 

I have been fascinated with photography and capturing expressions and freezing time even before i could remember ... did my parents use cameras instead of legos ? I'm not sure - but regardless that's me with a KODAK back when i was 3  years old !

In 2008 that i decided to do photography at a competitive  and professional level and in these 10 years I have been lucky to shoot in 48 different countries amongst diverse people from different walks of life. 

Have you been published or recognized ?

Yes and Yes !!  i've been fortunate and lucky to have been published in magazines like National Geographic, French Elle, Italian Vogue, German frizz as well as newspapers like The Times, Fnp and many more. As for awards though i don't actively compete.I was honoured to be one of the winners of the fnp luminale photo competition 2014, and the 2010 architecture for humanity photo contest 

What's photographic your process ?

At the core of my process is creative collaboration, I think the best way to get fresh, bold and lasting images that will be loved and used 10 or 20 years from now is to encourage the client be part of the image making process. This way every image is unique to the client, and  i love it because nothing makes me happier than to see my old clients from 2008 or 10 still use these pictures years later because beyond the technical or artistic quality , it's special because they helped make those images and it becomes an experience for both of us.

Besides photography and architecture are you involved in anything else ?

well .. Besides photography and ARCHITECTURE, I am a second degree KYOKUSHIN KARATE Black belt with an amateur record of 38-1-0  and a Pilot with LAPL licence, besides these personal interests, I am the Vice president at VERY VEREIN (an association that funds upcoming artists  in frankfurt and the Hessen region) and the Dramatogue of frankfurt based salon PLAY PLATTFORM. I think my interests always constantly affect one another and makes me more adaptable as a photographer both creatively and technically.